365 Cancer Prevention Society praises Appco Singapore

On 24th September 2016, a team of face-to-face brand ambassadors spent their Saturday morning at 365 Cancer Prevention Society for the monthly love lunch activities. The event was attended by face-to-face brand ambassadors from independent marketing companies contracted to Appco Group Singapore to represent 365 Cancer Prevention Society (CPS) including Redwoods Advance, SMV Marketing and Eureka Organization.

365 CPS is a non-profit organisation striving to serve the community through cancer prevention measures such as health and nutrition education, healthy lifestyle and lymphatic detox exercise programs.

Ben Chua, Executive Director said “Thank you Appco for all the fundraising efforts that is committed to 365 Cancer Prevention Society. This is significant to us as the efforts has given us more support from the public and certainty in making plans for the future. Since the start of the fundraising events, we have seen an increase of public awareness, donations and volunteers joining our cancer prevention and cancer fighting work. Thank you Appco for making such impact to VWOs [Voluntary Welfare Organisations] like us!”

They started their morning session with an hour of lymphatic detox exercises followed by a health talk session which provided information about its benefits for cancer warriors. The monthly love lunch event was an educational platform for both new and existing brand ambassadors on updates on what 365 CPS are doing and promoting the benefits of lymphatic detox exercises to help keep the lymph system healthy.  

Chong Ah Lin, a 77-year-old leukemia patient, praised the activities conducted by 365 CPS and said that “it has improved her health tremendously”.

“Since I started participating in 365 CPS lymphatic detox exercises, my health has improved tremendously. My leukemia index has decreased from 29 to three and I am feeling, moving, and sleeping much better. I used to suffer greatly from my cancer condition and the pain was causing me discomfort.” 

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