Special Olympics committed to changing lives with Appco Singapore

Appco Group Singapore is helping create awareness about intellectual disabilities with Special Olympics Asia Pacific, and has raised more than S$100,000 (£50,000) in just a few months of its partnership with the charity.

Fundraisers contracted to Appco Singapore are working to sign up regular donors to support the Special Olympics Model of Change, which combines sports, health, transformative education and community building.

The charity's Chief of Regional Growth, Dr John Dow, Jr., said the Special Olympics was committed to working on a long-term fundraising programme with Appco to help change the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

"Special Olympics depends on the generosity of the public in Singapore to help provide the much-needed lifelong support for one of the most socially isolated people in our community,” he said.

With S$118,342 (£58,604) raised for the charity since December 2014, Appco Singapore Owner Partner Jasmine Lim said she was looking forward to seeing the partnership grow.

"Special Olympics has been great with the face-to-face fundraisers. We really appreciate their constant support with the team to update them on the campaign, which in turn helps the fundraisers to be even more passionate about bringing the cause to a greater height."

Special Olympics is the leading voice for people with intellectual disabilities, dedicated to transforming their lives and empowering them to become contributing members of society.